📌 Pinterest Shop Allows Users to Buy from SMBs-
Pinterest is trying to motivate its loyal pinners to do more shopping with a new dashboard that showcases Etsy-style products & profiles of selected small biz.

“In contrast to Instagram’s younger demographic, Pinterest users typically skew older. The site says “eight of 10 moms” are on the social media platform, according to a study by Comscore, which showed that about 80 percent of all users encompass women from ages 18 through 64.” – Pymnts

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📌 Twitter to Remove Inactive Accounts and Free Up Usernames in December-
If your client has been inactive on Twitter, you could lose the unique Twitter handle. Emails are going out essentially saying “use it or lose it!” Recouped usernames will be made available to existing users.

“Keep in mind that these accounts don’t have to actually tweet anything to stick around. They just have to log in and follow Twitter’s instructions. So even if the username you want seems long dormant based on activity, whoever owns it can still hold on to the username pretty easily.” – Chris Welch, writing in The Verge

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📌 How to Use Facebook Ads to Promote Limited-Time Offers-
Want to maximize holiday sales for your small biz customers against the big box stores and mall competition? Consider running Facebook ads and videos to promote limited-time offers.

“To enhance the chances of people visiting your site during the holidays, you can mimic the delivery of a daily email sequence with a Facebook ad sequence that’s triggered by your initial video ad. This method of advertising can vastly increase the visits to your online store to see what you’re promoting because the ads will be forced to the top of your audience’s social feeds or placed strategically within articles, games, or other apps via the Audience Network.” – Sally Hendrick, writing for Social Media Examiner

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