📌 Pinterest Releases Top 100 Trends List-
Not another list? Ah, but this goes beyond trends and could actually reveal cultural shifts for the new decade!

“People are spending more and more time at home, and this means big business for companies that concentrate on home decor, athleisure, and even delivery services. There’s no place like home.” – George Carey-Simos, writing for WERSM

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📌 Local Algorithm Involves Relevance, Proximity, and Prominence-
The Google local pack. That is where you want your client to show when a local search is requested. How do you get in there? You have to crack the “local algorithm” and that means knowing the difference between the contributing factors.

“For proximity, the question really is, ‘Is the business close enough to the searcher to be considered to be a good answer for this query?’ This is what trips people up. This is what really defines the local algorithm — proximity. So I’m going to try to explain that in very simple terms here today.” – Mary Bowling from Ignitor Digital

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📌 How to Write Persuasive Instagram Ads, Captions, and Bios-
As a smart social media manager you know that a powerful way to promote client products and drive sales is with Instagram. So do your competitors; if your ad copy isn’t sharp, your ads won’t cut through that noise.

“Social proof is everything. That’s why leveraging customer testimonials and reviews in your Instagram ads can help boost conversions. When customers explain how your products and services benefit them, people viewing the ad can relate to those stories on a personal level. A customer’s seal of approval also helps show you’re a trustworthy brand.” – Carmine Mastropierro, writing in Social Media Examiner

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