When you think of it, it is a no brainer— customers who go to a Quick Service Restaurant (fast food of any size) want to place, receive, consume, and depart as quickly as possible. It is no surprise that 71% of diners say they would be “amenable” to more AI in their restaurant experiences. 

That is according to an interesting recent article from PYMNTS which contradictorily adds that “A report found that 29% of restaurant operators think they are lagging in adopting technology. Many of them blame prohibitive costs or doubt that adequate demand exists.”

Is your dining establishment losing customers because of this backward thinking? Demand exists. In fact, reports PYMNT, on-site kiosks are becoming a major attraction to QSR diners. Designed to decrease congestion, automate the ordering process, and offer multiple payment options, self-service kiosks  “can lead diners to spend 15% to 20% more on orders.”

There have been some stumbling blocks, such as when MacDonald’s rolled out kiosks that did not take cash. Check out the PYMNTS article for more on that.

Bottom line, kiosks or tableside tablets— whatever allows your customers to place orders and pay without having to wait for paper bills— should be a consideration for your menu.