If only you could run your business from the front. But “running” the business means being in the office as well. It means going over the books. It means hovering over Excel sheets on your computer. How well do you know Excel? Would 20 tips help you get your work done more quickly so you could get back to engaging with the customers?

For example, do you know how to use Excel to calculate the hours worked for any shift? Duh? Just subtract start time from end time! But what if your business shifts also involve “noon” or “midnight?” 

Think military time. But you also need to know what data to use for tabs and cells.  And most importantly, a formula that makes it all work. Now you do.

Other tips include: building dynamic charts that update before your eyes, adding a drop-down list to an Excel cell, and using XLOOKUP which is an easier way to retrieve info from Excel spreadsheets.

There is no denying the fact that you need to be in the office; it comes with the territory of being the person who signs the checks. But you are also the face of your brand. You need to be out there with the customers. Hope these tips help.