Ever see an article or post online about your industry and a competitor is mentioned, but not your business? Have visions of potential customers on wings floating out of your grasp into the hands of your competitor? You can turn this disadvantage to your favor. It is called “earned media in content marketing.” 

The most obvious option is to respond directly to the article. Add something in the comments section to up social proof that you are an expert, and by association, your business is the place to go for services or products. Or write a rebuttal— carefully— with facts or experience to contradict opinions of your competitor to give potential customers food for thought. 

Still another option is to write a blog on your website, referring to the post. Compose your own version on the issue, using quotes from the story. And, of course, provide a link to the original article. Then promote the blog on your social media channels.

Don’t have the time or skill to do all this writing? That is where someone like me comes in. I am not a social media manager. No interest in convincing you to buy ads on Facebook or burrowing through Instagram and YouTube video stats. I am here to write so you can focus on running your business.

Managing your small business’s reputation is what you do every day selling quality products and services. But in this 2.0 social media world, your current & potential customers have much more access to info about your business than they used to. You need to control the narrative, wherever and whenever you can.