Videos engage. Videos tell a story. Videos sell a product or service. And they are all over the place! In a 2019 WyzOwl survey, 87% of businesses confirmed they now use video as a marketing tool. But there is the downside; 90% of businesses say they also feel competition and noise are on the rise. So, how is your small business to compete? Find the best tutorials. After all, it’s your time & money being spent on these videos.

And just about the hottest place for videos is Instagram, since eMarketer just concluded that in 2020, Facebook and Instagram together will account for about two thirds of social video ad spend. That’s more than YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat combined!

HootSuite just posted an in-depth but easy to follow Instagram video tutorial by Paige Cooper. Not only does it provide explanations & examples of Stories, video posts, Instagram live, and IGTV, but there are also specs, such as lengths and aspect ratios.    

An interesting tip offered suggests that you kick off your Instagram video with the most engaging 2-3 second clip— even if it doesn’t really show up until later in the video! Think of it as the headline of a long article; it gives readers/viewers a solid clue as to whether the video is worth their time investment. People scroll fast, and are conditioned to skip anything that looks like an ad. 

Why video? Why Instagram? Why are you telling this story now? If you have compelling answers, then this HootSuite tutorial deserves to be in your marketing tool chest.