Colors selections are sadly an after-thought in small business web page design, ad content, and in your Instagram pictures. Not your fault. You are a merchant, accountant, entrepreneur, etc., not a graphic designer. But, be advised there are studies that point to consumers making subconscious judgements about a product or service within 90 seconds of first viewing— and 90% of THAT assessment is based on color alone.

So, what is an overworked, under-staffed SMB owner to do? Hire a marketing agency? Depend on advice from well-meaning staff? Take a color wheel course at the local community college? Read a dozen blogs? No! Turn to this blog and see what I can find for you!

Your first/best question is always “who is your audience?” Who do you want to engage as customers? Once you’ve determined the elements of that target market, then check out these assembled in one spot key statistics on how colors affect sales. For example:

  • Colors women love the most are blue, purple, & green;
  • Colors women hate the most are orange, brown, & grey;
  • Colors men love the most are blue, green, & black;
  • Colors men hate the most are brown, orange, & purple.

Obviously, nothing is written in stone, and there are variables, but this article on people’s perceptions of colors (not colors you want/like) should provide you with some interesting insights that your competitors might not have.

When people were asked to choose the color they associated with particular words, which ones do you think they equated with trust, high quality, and cheapness? And… are you using any of those colors?