You may have heard a rumor that there is a new, better way to appeal to Instagram if your SMB account is disabled. No, the elusive “phone number” to speak to a live Customer Service Representative still isn’t part of the Facebook/Instagram user-friendly process. But, as a busy business owner without a social media support team, any alternative is better than seeing your IG Stories engagement/revenue generation dry up.

In most cases, you would have built up several policy violations within a window of time to have a disabled Instagram account. But IG doesn’t reveal how many violations, fearing unscrupulous people would game the system. The innocent and the guilty are held equally accountable. You can’t get anyone to hear your case.

Appealing a disabled Instagram account required switching to the Instagram Help Center outside the app, filling in a form, and hoping for the best. Wait and see. Actually, in more than a few cases, wait, wait, and still, your Instagram account might be deleted.

So what is new in appealing a disabled Instagram account? In Instagram’s own words:

“We’re also announcing a new option to appeal disabled accounts directly within Instagram. Previously, this option was only available through the Instagram Help Center. Now, the in-app appeal option will automatically appear when you attempt to log in to your disabled account. Your username will be pre-populated, and you will need to add your full name, e-mail, and a reason why you think we may have made a mistake in disabling your account. Finally, tap ‘Request a Review’ to have your disabled account re-reviewed and potentially restored. This feature will be rolling out over the coming weeks.”

What? Tap “Request a Review?” And your disabled Instagram account appeal will be “re-reviewed and potentially restored?” So the more things change, the more they stay the same?