What was “cool” in website content & design yesterday, isn’t anymore today, and may not even exist tomorrow. How old is your small biz website? More than three years? You’re not still using Flash, or linking to Google+, are you? Yours may be working against your ranking vs. competitors in the constantly changing & evolving digital world. Understandably, not every small biz can afford a total redesign. But here are some tips to help you easily update underperforming small biz websites.

Are You Using Blogs?

Search engine spiders seek fresh content. One sure-fire way to feed those spiders is with a weekly blog. You do know that your site ranking is recalculated by Google and other search engines each time you publish an update. Like with a blog! Talk about your products, services, employees, industry or just life in your community. And when search engines more easily recognize that your website is an info resource, your chances of getting noticed do increase.ย 

  • 77% of internet users read blogs regularly.
  • B2B companies with a blog receive more leads than those that don’t.
  • Websites with a blog tend to have 434% more indexed pages. 


Considering all the data breaches in recent years, users are demanding a secure and private online experience whenever using any website. So, if you thought yours didn’t need to update to HTTPS because it didn’t deal strictly with the entering of sensitive data or credit card information, think again! Google Chrome began marking all sites without HTTPS as insecure in 2017. More than 50% of Internet browsers worldwide are Chrome. Those are a lot of customers getting an “insecure” warning when they land on your HTTP site. Off they go. And that will affect bounce rates (as in negatively recalculating your site ranking) as well as ad impressions, affiliate clicks, and e-commerce sales.


When was the last time you did an update on the icons in the header or footer of your webpage? Do you still list Google+? Or a Twitter account you have since abandoned? Not a good look if people are going nowhere when they click links on your website. If users can’t trust you to keep your website updated, how can they believe you will take any better care of them?

Do You Have a Mobile Friendly Theme?

Back in 2015, only about 31% of all web traffic took place on mobile. Therefore, your website might not have been optimized for mobile by whoever designed it. Today nearly 60% of web traffic is viewed via mobile devices. Plus, consider this: 80% of internet users now own a smartphone. Quite likely, their first impression of your small business website will be on a mobile device. And you know the saying about how many chances you get to make a first impression. If you are forcing your smartphone users to side-scroll and pinch to make words & pictures fit, Google studies indicate 60% are not likely to return, and 40% will jump to a competitor’s site.ย 


Info on demand. People need to know something and they want to know it now. That is why they are looking at your website. Don’t make potential customers have “dial-up” flashbacks if your webpage takes too long to load. Studies indicate most people will give up after 3 seconds. Wow, tough crowd. Contributors to lag time would be outdated codes, old themes, unoptimized images, etc. You can use tools such as Google’s PageSpeed Insights or Pingdom or GTmetrix to audit your site for speed.

Bottom line: you want people to return to your store to shop. You want customers to return to your website to shop. To update underperforming small biz websites, remove roadblocks to fluid customer experience. A tweak here & there might be all you need. And if you would like to explore sharing a weekly blog with your readers, reach out to me at amssvs@gmail.com today.