Does this picture represent practicing proper coronavirus social distancing on the MBTA? I felt safe yesterday riding the regular schedule on the bus & subway coming in from zone 3 to Boston. Today, with the revised schedule I didn’t. We were packed. There was even slight coughing.

(For readers not aware of our Boston metro situation this article can serve as background to changes in our rapid transit service.)

Memo to MBTA: those of us riding in the early morning need to be at our jobs because we can’t work from home. Why didn’t you also ask us about schedule change suggestions? Your prime customers? Not very good customer service.

We would have suggested you keep drive time service as is. And then drastically reduce midday service.

MBTA General Manager Steve Poftak said in a statement. “While some of these changes are inconvenient, they maintain a responsible balance between protecting the health and safety of the MBTA workforce and our customers, and our goal of continuing to run safe and reliable service without major disruptions.”

Yesterday I sat alone. So did the riders in front and behind me. Social distancing.

Today we were packed on the bus. Two people in front of me. Two people behind me. A person across from me. And a person next to me. We are looking at six inches and not six feet of separation.

And let’s not even talk about the standing passengers. Yes, it was Standing Room Only.

Did I feel safe on the MBTA yesterday? Yes. Did I feel safe today? No, I did not.