Trump Legacy of “Not Being There” for Small Biz

A picture is worth a thousand words. Let this video be the tragic legacy of the Trump regime’s weak commitment to the resurrection and survival of small businesses in America. 

He takes no notes. He makes no effort to engage. He is only concerned with himself. 

And please don’t tell me as POTUS he needs to keep up with messages. He has people who probably spend more on meals per week than you or I make in a week to do that for him. 

He had one task. Be there. And he wasn’t. 

Published by Anthony Scialis, Social Media Content Creator

My name is Anthony Scialis and I used to be a newspaper writer. For over 40 years I covered the business and entertainment beats for community newspapers & magazines. Now, I use research & writing experience to provide Small Business Owners with customer-centric information. I assist with writing blogs and tweets, freeing up small biz owners to focus on what they enjoy and do best— run their businesses.

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