Good news!!! I can see again!!! As some of you may know, I had an accident last Dec. Fell down on an ice patch walking home. My right eye shut down. But when we got it back to open, I had double vision. So no $$ writing blogs, FB posts, or tweets.

Yes, I started going to doctors, but COVID happened; this limited movement (I am high-risk age) and treatment.

Well, flash forward and let me tell you tech works!!! The staff at Mass Eye & Ear put these shield-like prisms on the interior of my glass lenses, which “tell” my left eye muscle to look down 4 increments and right eye to look up 4 increments.

Voila! No more double vision.

So, yes, I am available for writing gigs. Still, the main thing is to share that just because COVID screwed up people’s lives and businesses, there are still some good things going on in the world that you can grasp and say, “ok, that might be bad, but this is ok. This is ok.”

And then motivate yourself to do something good this week.