No business plan could have prepared any small business on Main Street USA for the calamity of COVID19 this year. Just look at all the vacant storefronts. So, it is important to praise the positives that have occurred. That is being done this week as the Small Business Administration (SBA) celebrates National Small Business Week (NSBW) from September 22-24. 

Specifically,  NSBW will honor the nation’s small businesses including those owned by veterans, women and minorities for their achievements and dedication to their communities.

“This year, we will spotlight America’s outstanding small businesses and their stories of perseverance and their ability to pivot and overcome adversity,” stated Jovita Carranza, SBA Administrator.

“This event,” he adds, “will also feature many educational forums that will inspire entrepreneurs around the country as they recover and sustain their operations.”

For more info go to the SBA website.