I actually had a couple of people say they were surprised to read in my Monday blog about the “Choose Women Wednesday” event that female entrepreneurs “represented 42% of all businesses.”

So, I asked Kate Fox and Kristen Levesque at Destination Salem to whip me up a quick list of women-owned biz just in Salem.


  • Amelia Payson House – Nancy Amaro (with her husband Jim)
  • Clipper Ship Inn – Suzanne Sullivan
  • Coach House Inn – Patricia Kessler
  • Northey Street House B&B – Flora Tonthat
  • The Salem Inn – Diane Pabich (with her husband Dick)
  • Stepping Stone Inn, Kelly Baldassari (with her husband Matt)


  • Cry Innocent – Kristina Stevick, Artistic Director
  • Witch Pix – Hope Hitchcock


  • Salem Food Tours – Karen Scalia
  • NowAge Travel – Melissa Nierman
  • Salem Kids Tours – Alicia Diozzi
  • Salem Haunts – Beth O’Grady
  • Bewitched After Dark – Pamela Captain (co-owned)
  • Black Cat – Lara Fury (with her husband Dan)
  • Hocus Pocus – Susan Metzger (with her husband Rich)


  • Circle of Stitches – Ana Campos
  • Coon’s Cards and Gifts – Karen Davis
  • Crow Haven Corner – Lorelei Stathopoulos
  • Harbor Sweets – Phyllis LeBlanc
  • Hive and Forge – Rachel Chandler
  • Marble Faun – Ann & Jess Stefano
  • Maria’s Sweet Somethings – Maria Harris
  • Moody’s Home and Gifts – Kate and Jess Moody
  • New England Dog Biscuit – Stefanie Kalinoski  
  • Pamplousse – Diane Manahan
  • Pentagram – Leanne Marrama
  • Pyramid Books – Kellie Overberg
  • Trolley Depot and Salemdipity – Betty Bouchard
  • Wicked Good Books – Denise Kent
  • Witch City Wicks – Liz Frazier
  • Witch Tee’s – Joan Brennan
  • J. Mode – Janet Barsanti
  • Modern Millie – Christine Robidoux
  • Style Snoop – Amy Lage
  • Die with your Boots on – Amber Newberry
  • Artemisia Botanicals – Teri Kalgren
  • Cauldron Black – Jacquie Allouise
  • Coven’s Cottage – Michelle Jones (co-owned with husband Jim)
  • HausWitch Home + Healing – Erica Feldmann
  • The Witchery – Gret  McGilvray

Not owned by, but definitely led by women…

  • Hawthorne Hotel – Claire Kallelis is the General Manager
  • Salem Witch Museum – Tina Jordan is the Executive Director
  • The House of the Seven Gables – Kara McLaughlin, Executive Director
  • Pioneer Village and the Witch House – Elizabeth Peterson, Executive Director

If we left anyone off this list— let me know. You deserve to be showcased!

The “Choose Women Wednesday” celebration, set for Dec. 2, is designed to highlight growth and entice further support for women-owned businesses. And, as I said in my previous blog, hopefully help inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs.