We see them every day. Essential workers battling COVID-19’s painful effects on family, friends, and strangers. We say “thank you for your service” but we feel it isn’t enough. Especially during this formerly joyous holiday season. Enter Karen Scalia of Salem with a musical tribute, “Thank You, It’s Christmas.”

Scalia is most well-known in our area as the driving force behind the Salem Food Tours business.  But she is also an actor and a writer. After one of those “thank you” moments, she began composing a tribute song. And she asked her family of musicians to join in recording it.

Here is a news story about the making of “Thank You, It’s Christmas.”

And here is the full song:

Have you heard “Thank You, It’s Christmas” on a local radio station? Or to non-local consumers and SMB owners who follow me, have you heard it? Maybe you should request by text or IM or tweet that your local radio station to play the song. “Thank You, It’s Christmas” is a nice holiday gift for essential workers in your community.

Karen Scalia’s message to the world: Everybody can say thank you!