Seeking employment in the food & hospitality industry? Look no further than your computer, if you are open to working in the Salem Ma area. A virtual Hospitality and Food Service Job Fair will be held Tuesday, June 15 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.

The format involves you entering a virtual Job Fair Lobby. You next will select the company you wish to be considered for employment. And then you wait until a representative from the company connects with you (either by chat or video).

Salem Mayor Kim Driscoll and the Chamber of Commerce are hosting the virtual Hospitality and Food Service Job Fair. This is a joint project with MassHire, the North Shore Career Center & Youth Career Center.

While it is true that restaurant employment has continued to trend higher nationwide each month, staffing levels have remained well below normal for most operations.

According to preliminary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), Massachusetts was among five states whose restaurant employment was still down more than 20% from February 2020:

  • Vermont (-33%),
  • New York (-26%),
  • Hawaii (-25%),
  • Massachusetts (-23%)
  • California (-23%)

It is hoped that virtual job fairs will make it easier for people to apply for more jobs.

Virtual Job Fair Interviewing Tips

While video interviews may be different than face-to-face experiences in your past, one key thing remains. You need to make yourself memorable. This is especially so if these “recruiters” are interviewing dozens of people.


1– If you haven’t had any zoom-like experience, go practice with a friend over the weekend. Get comfortable with your voice and seeing yourself on camera. Not in a fun, relaxed way. But sitting up straight, looking the other person in their eye way.

2– Speaking of the eye… you can create a more personable level of engagement if you position your camera at eye level! Why? Because that can almost remake that face-to-face contact situation you used to have.

3– Another thing is an oldie but a goodie. The “thank you” note. In days gone by, a letter was the way. Now an email or IM will do. Create something that will let them know you enjoyed learning more about the company’s needs. Convince them that you are sure you can contribute. But don’t make it generic. Refer to something discussed in the interview. You may not be the only person sending a note.

To apply to the Salem Hospitality and Food Service Job Fair , register here.

After registering, there will be a prompt to create your profile. Have your contact info ready. A picture and resume will also be helpful!

And good luck!