Dogs do good things every day. Ever felt they deserve more than a pat on the head? Here is your chance. Cast your vote in this year’s American Humane Hero Dog Awards®. This annual, nationwide competition searches out and recognizes America’s remarkable hero dogs.

Nominations in the American Humane Hero Dog Awards® took place Jan-March. There are seven categories: Guide/Hearing, Law Enforcement & Detection, Military, Search & Rescue, Service, Shelter, and Therapy.

The 1st Round elimination voting ended on May 6th. The 2nd Round is running now through July 15th. And 3rd Round voting will take place July 29th- Sept. 7th.

Go to the voting page of the American Humane Hero Dog Awards® to read the amazing and touching stories of these dogs. (Yes, I caught myself and didn’t say “tales” of these dogs).

Profiles of Some Hero Dogs

Here are some profiles at random. You should check them all out. They are great stories.

  • CHANCE (Shelter) — He was a victim of animal abuse in Lee County, Florida. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office investigated the animal cruelty case and used forensics evidence to identify a suspect and subsequently get a conviction. Chance was adopted by Lieutenant Castellon and deputized by Sheriff Carmine Marceno. Deputy Chance is the spokesdog for the Public Affairs Unit at the Sheriff’s Office. Deputy Chance was also titled as the Good Will Ambassador by County Commissioners. He regularly visits schools, children’s hospitals, and community events. He promotes goodwill and has become an advocate against animal cruelty, and helps promote the adoption of shelter pets. Deputy Chance is the face of the Deputy Dogs Pets on Patrol program in Lee County, Florida.
  • HANSEL (Law Enforcement) — K-9 Hansel was only 7 weeks old when he was seized from an alleged dogfighting ring in Ontario, Canada. He never fought. He, along with 20 other Pitbulls, were slated for euthanasia. After a 2 year-long battle with Ontario courts, Hansel was then transferred to Dogs playing for life down in Florida. Throw Away Dogs project was then notified of a potential working dog candidate for their program. Hansel was accepted into the program for more training. Millville Fire Department was looking for an accelerant detection K-9; Hansel was the perfect fit. Hansel and I went through 16 weeks of scent training; we were later certified as an arson detection team. Hansel is the first Pitbull certified in accelerant detection in the United States. Hansel can recognize 14 different ignitable liquid odors. He really is the best partner and a rockstar. He was also honored as one of the dogs of the year featured on the CW network. If you google K-9 Hansel, you can see all the obstacles he has overcome; it will also tell his story in more detail. Thank you for reading and considering Hansel.
  • O’HARA (Guide/Hearing) — Once, while crossing a street, I gave O’Hara her “forward” command. As a guide dog, it is not her decision to tell me when to cross but rather, it is her job to tell me if I made the right choice. While we were about halfway across the road, an oncoming car decided they no longer wanted to wait for us to fully cross. I felt the rush of the cold wind brush the back of my neck. as the air filled with a loud “whooshing” sound. Without hesitation, O’Hara pulled me safely to the curb with purpose. As I realized what had happened, I leaned down next to her crying. Hugging her, I thanked her for saving my life. If I had been using a white cane, this story may have ended differently. O’Hara saved my life and never asked anything in return… except for love. She is my sweet guiding hero. This is only one instance of the many ways she has saved my life.

The seven hero dogs category finalists will appear on the Hallmark Channel this fall. Then one dog will receive the 2021 American Hero Dog title.

You can find all dog profiles here and links to casting your votes.

American Humane started animal relief programs in August 1916. That’s when it accepted an invitation from  the War Department to help animals used by the U.S. Army during World War I. That action created the American Red Star® Animal Relief Program. Today it is known as Animal Emergency Services.

Among the services are a fleet of emergency response vehicles customized to help animals in disasters.

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