Have you heard of the Decathlon Pizza? Sounds like something a contestant at the Olympics would eat? Well….  It is available in Japan during the ongoing Tokyo Olympics, courtesy of Pizza Hut. But, it most likely is not going to be on an athlete’s plates there. The Decathlon Pizza is a 10-meat pizza!

What’s in the10-meat pizza: 

  1. bacon,
  2. Iberico thick-sliced bacon, 
  3. aged bacon,
  4. charcoal-grilled beef ribs, 
  5. beef bulgogi,
  6. teriyaki chicken, 
  7. pulled pork,
  8. pepperoni, 
  9. rough sliced sausage, 
  10. Italian sausage.

Those are more meat items than on a “Meat Lovers” pizza. I did my homework. The “Meat Lovers” pizza only features bacon, Italian sausage, pepperoni, beef, pork, and ham.

Pizza Hut is marketing the 10-meat pizza product in honor of the Tokyo Olympics. But, don’t go looking for it at your local Pizza Hut store. The Decathlon Pizza can only be found at participating Pizza Hut locations across Japan during these Olympics. 

Pizza Hut is calling it the “King of meat-based pizza.”

The 10-meat pizza topping ingredients working together are supposed to be symbolic of “outstanding teamwork.”

I checked Twitter and the posted responses are mixed. Some people would rush to eat the Decathlon Pizza. On the other hand, other feel they might be rushed to the hospital if they tried it.

To sum up, the 10-meat pizza is only available in Japan. Therefore, we in America may never know if the meats work with the cheese, sauce, and crust. If you are in Tokyo and you sampled the Decathlon Pizza feel free to share your reaction.

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