How much pizza can you eat? I mean really eat? How much pizza can anyone eat in one sitting? Or standing? For example, a six-foot long pizza slice? You are about to find out.

Meet Joey Chestnut, champion eater. He is currently ranked first in the world by Major League Eating. This is the governing body that organizes professional competitive eating events.

Chestnut is the star of the embedded video — which is a story in itself. One man vs. a six-foot slice of pizza. That’s correct. One slice of pizza at six feet in length! Oh, and Chestnut is competing against one team of guys also attempting to swallow a six-foot slice of pizza. However, as you’ll see, it was no contest.

The video is real. It is from PizzaTV. This is a division of PMQ Pizza Magazine, the world’s authority on pizza and pizza restaurants. As far as I can determine, PizzaTV is the first video platform for the pizzeria and Italian restaurant industry.

PizzaTV features original and curated content from all over the world. And the goal is to celebrate the greatness of pizza.

As a result of the word count of this blog being so short, Google will probably do an algorithmic frown. But, the video says it all.

The things I do to bring you compelling and tasty slices of pizza news.

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