I will bet you didn’t even know that watermelon pizza existed. Where have you been? It was all the rage as a homemade option on TikTok in June. And now Dominos tried to make it. There were vastly different results.

Full disclosure: I am one of THOSE people who have no problem with pineapple on pizza. In addition, I see pineapple & ham as a combo that works well. It’s not my first choice for toppings. Or even 2nd or 3rd. But if a “Hawaiian-style” pizza is on the table, I don’t discriminate.

Building a Watermelon Pizza from Bottom Up

But, watermelon pizza is different. It is not a topping. It is the crust. It is the dough!

For example, check out the Tik Tok video by chef Oliver Paterson.

This video cooked up a lot of debate. And eventually, Domino’s Australia decided to jump in, by saying “Y’all keep asking us for a low carb option.” 

But, their attempt at watermelon pizza fizzled.

Domino’s official statement:

“Unfortunately, not all experiments lead to ‘masterpizzas.’ The watermelon pizza—while unique—tasted exactly how you would imagine… Like a slice of sweet, juicy watermelon with a thin layer of pepperoni pizza on top. Both taste great separately… but let’s just say we won’t be combining the two on our menu anytime soon. If you ask us, the only fruit that belongs on pizza is pineapple. Oh no we didn’t!”

What Went Wrong

Dominos did not follow the instructions. This effort sounds like a recipe for disaster.

The key is to caramelize the watermelon base and to use BBQ sauce. However, Dominos did not follow through on these steps. Instead, the toppings of cheese and regular red sauce were put on an uncooked watermelon. The “pizza” was baked as one unit. 

“The watermelon needs to be cooked before the toppings go on to remove as much moisture as possible to avoid a soggy mess,” explains Patterson.

“Also, it’s very vital to use BBQ sauce rather than marinara/tomato. BBQ is already a tried and tested flavor combination with watermelon—tomato (I haven’t tried myself but would assume) simply does not work,” he adds.

I’ve seen pizzas with a wide array of toppings. Baked beans. Sushi. Eggs. Watermelon pizza has the distinction of existing not as a topping but as the “dough” that holds this specialty pizza together.

Would you try it? And if you did, would you go for the original based on BBQ sauce or the Dominos version with regular sauce?

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