Do you value your pizza by the price or by the taste? A good pizza pie is worth its price. But what’s the point in knowing the value of pizzas if there is no balance against quality. For what it is worth, the personal-finance website Expensivity recently analyzed pizza prices in each U.S. state.

It reports that Alaska at $9.21 is the most expensive pizza state. North Dakota at $6.64 is the least expensive.

How Did They Come Up With These Listings?

Before we go over an extended list, and before the complaining begins, a few words on the methods used. How did they come up with these numbers for the most expensive and least expensive pizzas?

According to Expensivity:

Pizzerias, menus, and prices were collected from MenuWithPrice. Cheese pizza prices were derived from an average of pizzas of all sizes, named “plain pizza,” “cheese pizza,” or “Margherita pizza.” 

Due to the unstructured nature of the menu data, it wasn’t feasible to differentiate pizza prices by size of pizza, meaning that average prices reflect the prices of qualifying pizzas of all sizes.

Reading between the lines there, I take it these pizza prices are not per single slice. It says the average of pizzas of all sizes; I think it is fair to picture these reflecting the price of a “small” or “regular.” While typing this blog, I am looking at menus of two neighborhood pizzerias. Their smalls are $6.99 and $8.25. Their larges are $9.99 and $12.25

Expensivity collected its data in April 2021. More than 16,000 pizzeria menus are part of this pizza survey. And it uses only cities that had at least ten pizzerias and a population of 100,000 or more people.

U.S. states that had the ‘most expensive’ pizza prices:

  1. Alaska: $9.21
  2. Montana: $9.07
  3. Oklahoma: $9.00
  4. Vermont: $8.83
  5. Connecticut: $8.76
  6. Pennsylvania: $8.72
  7. Kentucky: $8.60

U.S. states that had the ‘least expensive’ pizza prices:

  1. North Dakota: $6.64
  2. Rhode Island: $6.68
  3. Massachusetts: $6.79
  4. Oregon: $6.96
  5. Utah: $7.00
  6. Delaware: $7.01
  7. Ohio: $7.02

I don’t want to put too many toppings on this blog, but Expensivity also checked out the average price of pepperoni pizzas across America. And you know how you can’t have just one slice when you get going? Expensivity also determined the average price by city and the density of pizzerias per person around the U.S. 

Check out their full story release for that info.

Did you find your state on the map? Do you agree or disagree with pizza prices on the most expensive and least expensive states?

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