When you are unable to transport your precious pet from point A to point B, whom do you call? A taxi? Yes, but if you are in the United Kingdom, not just any service. You call Pets 2 Places the UK’s first pet taxi service.

Owner Claire Harris explains, “When we first started, our name was Pets2vets Animal Ambulance, so we only really covered the vets. But customers started asking to go to different places like the groomers, kennels, over to friends’ houses, etc. So we added on more services. Now we cover any type of pet transport you can imagine, with or without owners.”

{I was curious about the most unusual pet taxi service transport. Thought it might be a 200 pound English sheepdog or a pair of bickering chihuahuas. Nope. Divorced couples.}

“Our most unusual one is a mode of transport between divorced couples who both want to remain in contact with the dog! They don’t have to see each other— yet they both still get to see the dog. This is also in the dog’s best interest, so it’s a win-win.”

Pet Taxi Safety is a Driving Issue

Something else that’s also a win-win is Claire’s devotion to transportation safety. Pets 2 Places is not just a business to her. She cares about the furry passengers.

Pets 2 Places only uses crash-tested crates or crash-tested harnesses.

She is deeply concerned about this pet transportation safety issue. Claire is campaigning for crash-tested equipment to be required across the UK for the safety and well-being of all pets.

“I strongly recommend if your pet is traveling with any other pet professional you make sure THEY are using crash-tested equipment.”

In this recent article, she presents a very in-depth argument for changing the rules of the road to better protect pets. You should check it out if you have a pet, whether you live in the UK or the USA.

Think about these simple pet transportation safety points she makes:

  • Do you put your seat belt on? 
  • Do you put your child in a car seat? 
  • But what about your dog? 

Pets 2 Places Taxi Rules

“We take any size pet. Dogs can be as big as Great Danes, but we have a vehicle that suits even the biggest of breeds. There’s plenty of space for them to stand up, move around, and lay down,” she explains.

“This is a really important factor when transporting animals– they must be able to stand up or lay down. However you are transporting them, whilst you don’t want them moving all around the vehicle, being able to stand or lay is important for their comfort.”

Business Booming

Launched in 2014, Pets 2 Places now has a 70% conversion rate (accomodating phone requests). And its customer monthly return rate is 75%-85%!

  • Winner of the Best Pet Business 2019
  • Winner of the Best in Specialist Transport Services 2020
  • Winner of Pet Transport Specialist of the Year 2021

Not bad. Especially when you consider up to this point, the pet taxi service has been all Claire.

“Currently, it’s just me running the service in Milton Keynes (and the many other places I am called out to). I am now looking for several staff members locally to cover weekends. And I am looking to get a second vehicle on the road. 

Expansion Ahead for Pet Taxi Service

“With the number of inquiries we get from outside of Milton Keynes, we are also looking for franchisees to join us.

“We have over 300 opportunities across the UK, but right now we are desperate for people in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Northampton, and Bedford. We have customers waiting in the first three and customers who have already used the service in Bedford and Northampton.“


  • Must be an animal lover, 
  • Be good with people,  
  • Genuinely really want to help,
  • Be a safe driver. 

“We offer a full training program which will be suited to each individual. So it doesn’t matter if people have come from a business background or not. We will give them the tools to fulfill their potential.”

Currently, Pets 2 Places taxi service operates Monday- Friday, 8 am – 6 pm. But, you can assume that if customers need help outside those hours, Claire will help. 

She adds, “As we grow, we shall be adding on more hours, and I hope one day we can become a 24-hour emergency service.”

A pet taxi service is an idea whose time has come.

No Research on Transporting Pets

And, I hope Claire continues to draw attention to the lack of laws protecting animals in vehicles. I am surprised by this point she brings up in that article: 

“Currently there hasn’t been any research on transporting pets, no tests, no evidence, no one checking to see how bad a dog is going to be injured if they are restrained with non-crash tested dog seat belts.” 

Does anyone know if we are doing any better here in the USA dealing with pet transportation safety issues?

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