Pizza as a food choice brings people together. You can have steak your way. And I can have flounder my way. But pizza? That is to be a shared experience. “What do you want on it? Pepperoni or bacon? Thin or thick crust?” You’ll hear a lot of that during October, which is National Pizza Month.

This blog is for people who love pizza. Sometimes I am writing for consumers. Other times I’m sharing advice or commentary of value to pizzerias. This time, everyone is welcome to discuss the best promotions during this celebration.

Pick a Pizza Promotion

To celebrate the month, pizzerias and full-service restaurants that serve pizza should “do something” for customers. And customers should call ahead to see if their favorite pizza joint is “doing something” for National Pizza Month. 

I have a few ideas:

  • Give away one “free small pizza” coupon nightly during October. 
  • One topping is free all month long.
  • Pricing one small cheese pizza the same as when the pizzeria first opened.
  • Free pizza delivery during October.
  • Trivia night once a week, filled with questions about pizza in movies, TV, songs, etc). The prize is a discount coupon for the next pizza.

What do you think would be a tasty thing to offer?

In keeping with the spirit of the event, Pizza Today website posted a list of 30 promotions that any place serving pizzas could make use of during National Pizza Month. You have to join their newsletter list to see the full list. A small (free) price to pay if your pizzeria wants an edge on the competition.

But here are a few that pizzerias should consider to attract customers to their tables.

  • Kids-size special pizzas are free for the month.
  • See if there is a local, regional, or national pizza record to be challenged. Feeling adventurous? Check out the Guinness World Records website. There are probably several pizza-related opportunities.
  • Run a customer recipe promotion. Invite your patrons to create your next big hit! Have customers submit recipes for topping combinations. Winner gets the pizza named after them on your menu and one free pizza a month for a year
  • Crown an Ultimate Pizza Fan. Do this by inviting customers to submit on social media why they should be the winner.
  • Challenge a pizzeria owner in another city to a duel. Whoever sells the most cheese pies in October gets to pick a charity and the “loser” donates $500 to said charity.

Pizza is #1 Comfort Food

Think about this. Most other foods get a “day” assigned to them. Some get a week. But how many are so popular get an entire month to honor the food item?

A Harris Poll asked Americans to name their favorite comfort food. Pizza was the answer for 15% of the responders. That figure is nearly double that of any other food choice. The study was conducted in 2016. Harris surveyed 2,252 U.S. adults.

This still seems to be holding true.

Treadmill Reviews recently surveyed 2,226 people about their favorite comfort foods. This involved comparing their responses by state and across demographic differences.

The result:

“Of all the various comfort food possibilities, pizza claimed the top spot in most states. That nationwide dedication is matched by consumption; by some estimates, Americans bite into about 350 slices every second.”

So, why October for National Pizza Month?

Gerry Durnell was the founder of Pizza Today magazine. And In 1984, he designated October as National Pizza Month in the U.S. As the story goes, he sliced out that month because the first issue of his magazine came out in October of that year. 

Works for me.

Want to know how popular pizza is as a comfort food? Full disclosure… I ordered a pizza to eat while writing up this blog. What did you have? And would you rather have had pizza? Make up for it next month during National Pizza Month.

(What type of content should your business website blog offer? Advice rather than product promotion. Be a valuable info resource rather than an irritating source of sales pitches. For example, if you owned a pizzeria or restaurant, then you would benefit from sharing this type of content with customers. Contact me if interested.)