Little Caesars pizza is feeling good about its business. In fact, it is planning an aggressive pizza franchises expansion program. But there is a tasty topping. Interested Veterans and First Responders, I found some built-in incentives for you. Pizza, Pizza, indeed!

I am not suggesting that you all run out and apply. Nor am I saying this is a deal made only for veterans and first responders. I am just sharing that if you want a piece of the business world, here is a franchise opportunity with an easier entryway.

Regions for Pizza Franchises

The chain is open to both single-unit and multi-unit investors looking to grow pizza franchises across these metropolitan areas.

  • New England region goal–  more than 50 new franchise units across Boston and Providence by 2026,
  • Pacific Northwest region goal– more than 50 new franchise units across Portland and Seattle by 2026,
  • St. Louis market goal– approximately 35 new units, with plans to open at least 10 by the close of 2024,
  • North Carolina region goal– 25 new units across the Charlotte market by 2024.
  • (source DBusiness Magazine – Detroit’s Premier Business Journal)

Incentives for Veterans and First Responders

Now that you know where the prospects are, the next question is what are the incentives. Little Caesars has programs for honorably discharged veterans and Gold Star families, as well as first responders. Among the benefits are:

  • franchise fee discount, 
  • equipment and supply discount, 
  • financing help,  
  • advertising and publicity support,

Small Business Trends website shows investments for Little Caesars can range from $250,000 to $335,500. And the franchise fee is $20,000.

Little Caesars founder Mike Ilitch started The Veteran’s Program in 2006. He served with the United States Marine Corps during the Korean War. His goal was to expand business opportunities for his fellow military veterans. The company reports that there are currently hundreds of veteran-owned Little Caesars stores across the country.

But, Are Pizza Franchises Still Profitable?

There is but one more question to answer. Are pizza franchises profitable, especially as we are still recovering from last year’s COVID pandemic shutdown? 

Yes, all restaurant biz is down. But not so much the pizza part of the restaurant industry. A recent QSR magazine story quotes data from Sense360. That’s a consumer behavioral intelligence and benchmarking platform. 

For instance, it looks at the March 11-20 time frame. The pizza traffic drop is only 8% year-over-year out of the total food industry! That places pizza franchises at the lowest among restaurant subcategories.

I know. A little double-talk there. Pizza shops are not losing as much money as other food biz. 

But let’s look at what pizzerias and pizza chains did during the pandemic.

QSR reports that market tracker Datassential found that 63% of consumers ordered pizza during the pandemic! Pizza beat out burgers and sandwiches, which came in second at only 51%.

“One reason we believe pizza is faring relatively well is that, on a per-person basis, pizza is high value in terms of the number of people it can feed for a low cost,” said Sense360 in a statement. 

And finally, chew on these facts from Small Business Trends: 

  • the pizza industry generates $47 billion a year,
  • franchises constitute $36.4 billion a year, 
  • the pizza industry is forecast to continue growing over the next five years,
  • 13% of Americans over the age of two eat pizza on any given day,
  • we eat 3 billion pies per year.

Pandemic or not, pizza is a food the public takes comfort in. 

Veterans and first responders– and anyone else interested in the Little Caesars pizza franchises–  should check out the company page. 

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