Talk about getting a negative publicity deal. Black cats throughout history are “bringers of omens and evil.” Furthermore, being negatively associated with Halloween adds to a their scary vibes. And that is hurting their adoption in shelters. 

It’s Perception vs. Reality.

Cats are cool. I like them. But I get it. You can’t tell from my blog pictures, either. Looks like 17 dog covers to 3 cats. Ouch. So let me double up. This week on Oct. 27, is National Black Cat Day in the UK. And for what it’s worth, Oct. 29 is National Cat Day. Cats rule!!!

Black Cats and Shelter Adoptions

There is a serious side that I want to add about the holiday.

In the United Kingdom, there is a charity called Cats Protection. It rescues unwanted cats and finds them homes. It created “Black Cat Day” to celebrate the value of black cats. The holiday also encourages people to adopt an unwanted black cat. The Cats Protection research suggests that it is harder to find new homes for black cats than for other colors/combinations. 

Why? Black cats are plain, and people want kitties with colors and swirls, like calicos. And– some people really believe the bad luck image.

Black Cat Bad Luck Vibes

So, what are these vibes black cats carry on their backs throughout history?

  • If a black cat crosses your path at night, consider yourself unlucky.
  • If you merely meet a black cat at twilight, it will bring bad fortune.
  • A sick person will soon die if a black cat sits on the bed.
  • Just dream about a black cat at Christmas, and illness could be around the corner.

But, I have a question for the black cat community. Who is controlling the narrative here? Cat got your tongue?

Black Cat Good Luck Vibes

Black cats need to get better publicists because:

  • Asia, luck in life comes to those who own a black cat.
  • Egypt, everyone revered the black cat. Reason? It resembled Bastet. She was the cat-headed Egyptian goddess of home, fertility, and protection from disease.
  • In parts of England, a bride will have luck in her marriage if she receives a black cat as a gift.
  • Europe, sailors will have a safe journey if they bring along a black cat on the ship.
  • France, something magical is about to happen if you see a black cat.
  • Japan, spot a black cat, and you’ll have luck in finding love.
  • Scotland, you’ll have coming prosperity if a black cat appears at your doorway or on your porch.

Black Cats in Media

Finally, let’s look at some good black cats that we know about: 

  • Binx (helpful from Hocus Pocus movie)
  • Felix the Cat (cartoons)
  • Cole (& Marmalade, superstar internet cats)
  • Figaro (from Pinocchio)
  • Isis (questionable from the Gary Seven episode of Star Trek)
  • Luna (Sailor Moon anime)
  • Salem (reformed would-be world conqueror on Sabrina the Teenage Witch TV series and comics).

There is a 2020 study by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Follow this. The study looked at 300,000 dogs and cats taken in by shelters. Of all the different colorings, the highest percentage was of black cats. Add to that this finding. Black cats have the lowest adoption levels of any group left behind at animal shelters. 

The only bad luck black cats have is on themselves in not being equally adopted. Think kindly about that when you consider a new pet for a child or elderly relative needing a companion.

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