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When you operate a small to medium business in the 21st century, you need to be on Social Media. That’s where your customers are, and they ARE talking about you.

Who, What, When, Where, Why and How About Anthony Scialis

“This is how you do it: you sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until it’s done. It’s that easy, and that hard.”
Neil Gaiman

A.M. Scialis (Gmail)WHO:

For over 40 years, I did that. I put one word after another while covering the business and entertainment beats for community newspapers & magazines. But the media world changed and I changed with it. My name is Anthony Scialis and I am now a Content Writer for Social Media.


  • I write content. You decide on WHAT images to use.
  • I write content. You decide WHERE it will run.
  • I write content. You decide on WHEN best times to post.


  • I do what I do best: write content.
  • You do what you do best: make decisions for your brand.

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”
Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft


  • Signposts Ministries, serving families with children that have chronic health problems (Blog)
  • Audition Dancewear (Blog)
  • Fuji Wholesale Flowers (Facebook)
  • OC Junk Hauling (Blog, Facebook)
  • Ask Roxanne (Blog, Twitter)
  • Sunwerks Tanning Salon (Twitter, blog)
  • Tanzanite (Blog)
  • Salem Main Streets (Twitter, Blog, Pinterest, Facebook)
  • SalemAMB (Twitter, Blog, Website)
  • AmsSvs (Twitter, Blog, Website, Facebook, Pinterest)
  • Salem Patch, news service
  • Creative Salem, community entertainment on-line news source
  •, news service
  • Tamiami Gas Trail, business & entertainment
  • Spiffy, The Car Wash People, business
  • Hernando Scene, business & entertainment
  • Manasota At Home business & entertainment
  • Village, news service



  • Associated Press, international news service
  • Variety, international entertainment trade weekly
  • The Telegram, county news daily,
  • The Post, county news daily
  • The Sunday Post, county news weekly
  • The Citizen, city news daily
  • The Stratford News, town news weekly
  • The Reporter, city news weekly
  • St. Petersburg Times, county news daily
  • The Scene, county business & entertainment monthly magazine
  • Tri-County Business Magazine, tri-county business monthly
  • Gulf Coast Living Magazine, county business & entertainment monthly
  • South Texas Calendar, regional business & entertainment monthly
  • Planet North Shore, regional entertainment bi-weekly
  • The Journal, national entertainment monthly



  • ABC Radio Entertainment News
  • WNAB-AM radio
  • WFIF-AM radio
  • WWJB-AM radio



  • The Entertainer, 2-county entertainment bi-weekly
  • The Bard, town news weekly
  • Spotlight, 2-county TV weekly magazine
  • Compass, national entertainment monthly
  • West Hernando News, county news weekly
  • WDJZ-AM radio
  • WPSO-AM radio



  • The West Haven News, city news weekly
  • Night Light, county entertainment monthly
  • Gold Coast Review, county entertainment monthly
  • Showcase, county business & entertainment monthly magazine
  • Info, county entertainment monthly magazine
  • South Plains Catholic, county news weekly
  • The Marketplace, county entertainment monthly
  • First Resort Network, news quarterly magazine
  • Karaoke Scene, county entertainment monthly magazine
  • NightMoves, county entertainment monthly
  • Good News, county entertainment monthly
  • Hello Ybor, county entertainment monthly magazine
  • Country Trends, county entertainment monthly magazine
  • Sports South, county sports magazine
  • Sunshine Speedway, county race car monthly magazine
  • Full Throttle, county motorcycle monthly magazine
  • Tampa Bay Downs, county horse racing monthly


  • SoMe Slice, for global target market of Social Media Managers
  • On the Shelf, for Mid-County Regional Library patrons
  • En el Anaquel, for Mid-County Regional Library patrons
  • Monday Morning Messenger, for Charlotte-Glades System staff
  • On the Shelf, on-line for Charlotte-Glades Library patrons
  • En el Anaquel, on-line for Charlotte-Glades Library patrons
  • Monday Morning Messenger, for Home Shopping Network Phone Representatives

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