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Who, What, When, Where, Why and How About Anthony Scialis

“This is how you do it: you sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until it’s done. It’s that easy, and that hard.”
Neil Gaiman

A.M. Scialis (Gmail)WHO:

For over 40 years, I did that. I put one word after another while covering the business and entertainment beats for community newspapers & magazines. But the media world changed and I changed with it. My name is Anthony Scialis and I am now a Content Writer for Social Media.


  • I write content. You decide on WHAT images to use.
  • I write content. You decide WHERE it will run.
  • I write content. You decide on WHEN best times to post.


  • I do what I do best: write content.
  • You do what you do best: make decisions for your brand.

“Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work.”
Stephen King, On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft


  • Signposts Ministries, serving families with children that have chronic health problems (Blog)
  • Audition Dancewear (Blog)
  • Fuji Wholesale Flowers (Facebook)
  • OC Junk Hauling (Blog, Facebook)
  • Ask Roxanne (Blog, Twitter)
  • Sunwerks Tanning Salon (Twitter, blog)
  • Tanzanite (Blog)
  • Salem Main Streets (Twitter, Blog, Pinterest, Facebook)
  • SalemAMB (Twitter, Blog, Website)
  • AmsSvs (Twitter, Blog, Website, Facebook, Pinterest)
  • Salem Patch, news service
  • Creative Salem, community entertainment on-line news source
  •, news service
  • Tamiami Gas Trail, business & entertainment
  • Spiffy, The Car Wash People, business
  • Hernando Scene, business & entertainment
  • Manasota At Home business & entertainment
  • Village, news service



  • Associated Press, international news service
  • Variety, international entertainment trade weekly
  • The Telegram, county news daily,
  • The Post, county news daily
  • The Sunday Post, county news weekly
  • The Citizen, city news daily
  • The Stratford News, town news weekly
  • The Reporter, city news weekly
  • St. Petersburg Times, county news daily
  • The Scene, county business & entertainment monthly magazine
  • Tri-County Business Magazine, tri-county business monthly
  • Gulf Coast Living Magazine, county business & entertainment monthly
  • South Texas Calendar, regional business & entertainment monthly
  • Planet North Shore, regional entertainment bi-weekly
  • The Journal, national entertainment monthly



  • ABC Radio Entertainment News
  • WNAB-AM radio
  • WFIF-AM radio
  • WWJB-AM radio



  • The Entertainer, 2-county entertainment bi-weekly
  • The Bard, town news weekly
  • Spotlight, 2-county TV weekly magazine
  • Compass, national entertainment monthly
  • West Hernando News, county news weekly
  • WDJZ-AM radio
  • WPSO-AM radio



  • The West Haven News, city news weekly
  • Night Light, county entertainment monthly
  • Gold Coast Review, county entertainment monthly
  • Showcase, county business & entertainment monthly magazine
  • Info, county entertainment monthly magazine
  • South Plains Catholic, county news weekly
  • The Marketplace, county entertainment monthly
  • First Resort Network, news quarterly magazine
  • Karaoke Scene, county entertainment monthly magazine
  • NightMoves, county entertainment monthly
  • Good News, county entertainment monthly
  • Hello Ybor, county entertainment monthly magazine
  • Country Trends, county entertainment monthly magazine
  • Sports South, county sports magazine
  • Sunshine Speedway, county race car monthly magazine
  • Full Throttle, county motorcycle monthly magazine
  • Tampa Bay Downs, county horse racing monthly


  • SoMe Slice, for global target market of Social Media Managers
  • On the Shelf, for Mid-County Regional Library patrons
  • En el Anaquel, for Mid-County Regional Library patrons
  • Monday Morning Messenger, for Charlotte-Glades System staff
  • On the Shelf, on-line for Charlotte-Glades Library patrons
  • En el Anaquel, on-line for Charlotte-Glades Library patrons
  • Monday Morning Messenger, for Home Shopping Network Phone Representatives

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