Batkid Captures Public’s Heart

Scriptwriters wish they could write a story (video) like this. A child in remission from leukemia, a dream, and fulfillment courtesy of the Make A Wish Foundation. He wanted to play at being a hero. He already is. Traditional media and social media contributed (big shout out to Clever Girls Collective social marketing company which contactedContinue reading “Batkid Captures Public’s Heart”

Reporter’s Notebook: A Few Words On Comments

Social media is neither good nor bad. Just like a car, a gun, or a word— it’s all in what you do with it. I was reading a blog by “laurenc129”  which covered an interesting social media by-product: the comments section. She writes “I’m not sure what I expected, but the venom injected into soContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: A Few Words On Comments”

Reporter’s Notebook: Nothing is Absolutely Essential

Writing is a chore for some people; for others it is a diversion. And for still others, such as reporters, bloggers, scriptwriters and such, it is our life. We are sad when there’s nothing to write about, but then sit at the keyboard cursing when we get the words out and the story doesn’t flow.Continue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Nothing is Absolutely Essential”

Reporter’s Notebook: TV and Social Media

Social media as a tool to report & comment on a TV series is now giving way to social media becoming an integrated part of the programming. Alexandra Jacopetti, Senior Account Manager of Rocket Post recently wrote an interesting roundup 5 Top Shows Killing It With Social Media (Social Media Today). She writes: “CBS’s returningContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: TV and Social Media”

Reporter’s Notebook: RIP SMM

Wow. Not very profound as writing goes, but honest. Being a social media manager may rival the rise and fall of the dot coms. According to Fortune magazine, “Growth in positions with the title ‘social media manager’ slowed to 50% in the past year, a dramatic decline from recent years, when triple (and even quadruple)Continue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: RIP SMM”

Reporter’s Notebook: Putting Punctuation in Its Place on National Punctuation Day

The Rules of Grammar, unlike Captain Jack Sparrow’s “Pirate’s Code,” are not merely guidelines. Nor are the rules in existence to make your life more difficult. They enable readers to better understand your words, phrases, and sentences– or words, phrases and sentences depending on whether or not you are an advocate of the Oxford commaContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Putting Punctuation in Its Place on National Punctuation Day”

Reporter’s Notebook: Evolving State of Journalism

Repeatedly I’ve put forth that the “traditional media” is on its last legs— and that you boys/girls and men/women represent the future of journalism. And just what does that future hold if you want to actually earn a living as a writer? The diminishing opportunities for newspaper reporters have been much in the news. ContentContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Evolving State of Journalism”

Reporter’s Notebook: You’ve Got To Want It

Reconnecting with people is a street you travel more often as you grow older. If you are a pessimist then you look in the rear view mirror at the roads of what-might-have-been. As an optimist you steer towards the avenues of activities you cherished. Anne is a lady who worked with me on the firstContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: You’ve Got To Want It”

Reporter’s Notebook: Readers Do Care About Spelling

Responses to my last two blogs were not as I had expected. Some friends called (yes… called instead of commenting. What can I say? Old school is still cool for some folks). They said I was lecturing to deaf ears. Consensus was that the writers of today gave as minimal a value to spelling asContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Readers Do Care About Spelling”

Reporter’s Notebook: Self-inflicted Media Wounds

“A gaping, self-inflicted social media wound bleeding all over the Evansville, Indiana airport Facebook page.” How would you like something you wrote to be forever described like that? That’s how Jay Baer on Social Media Today labeled a recent FB post that I feel proves my point of the dangers that you bloggers face whenContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Self-inflicted Media Wounds”