Reporter’s Notebook: Readers Do Care About Spelling

Responses to my last two blogs were not as I had expected. Some friends called (yes… called instead of commenting. What can I say? Old school is still cool for some folks). They said I was lecturing to deaf ears. Consensus was that the writers of today gave as minimal a value to spelling asContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Readers Do Care About Spelling”

Reporter’s Notebook: Self-inflicted Media Wounds

“A gaping, self-inflicted social media wound bleeding all over the Evansville, Indiana airport Facebook page.” How would you like something you wrote to be forever described like that? That’s how Jay Baer on Social Media Today labeled a recent FB post that I feel proves my point of the dangers that you bloggers face whenContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Self-inflicted Media Wounds”

Reporter’s Notebook: Bloggers Stop Whining, You ARE Reporters!

Face it, with the impending demise of print, bloggers are the new wave of columnists: reporters with opinions. You have a responsibility to check your facts, substantiate your opinions, and present it all in an understandable manner. Stop whining that you don’t have to do that. Far from wanting to be Patrolman Pat of theContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Bloggers Stop Whining, You ARE Reporters!”