Memorial Day, Remembering What It Is All About

Memorial Day means different things to different people. Small business sales. Big box store sales. Grilling burgers. Showing off at the pool. Visiting family. And that is ok, as long as there is at least the one unifying element that at some point in the day you remember what its main reason is… to honorContinue reading “Memorial Day, Remembering What It Is All About”

Mother’s Day, What’s an Entrepreneur to Do?

Americans will be spending more than $23 billion on Mother’s Day! That’s 10% more than was reportedly spent in 2016! This data is from Speaking to the Social Media Manager entrepreneurs in my target market, that dollar figure lends itself to a significant number of options for your clients to market services and productsContinue reading “Mother’s Day, What’s an Entrepreneur to Do?”

17 Visions of Tomorrow’s Social Media Landscape

How can we possibly predict what the future will look like, so we can better prepare today for the realities of tomorrow? That is the question asked by Peter Kozodoy in a recent piece for Inc. Magazine. But it is an every day question posed by Social Media Managers, what with regular Facebook adjustments beingContinue reading “17 Visions of Tomorrow’s Social Media Landscape”

Beyond the Front Door, Working with Competitors to Benefit Community

Dynamic partnerships await small business merchants (and their Social Media Managers) who venture beyond their front door and reach out to fellow merchants, be they competitors or not. Usually the driving force is not profit but to do something beneficial for the community. For in displaying a genuine give a damn attitude about their customers,Continue reading “Beyond the Front Door, Working with Competitors to Benefit Community”

Social Media By the Numbers at Enterprise Center

One of the major problems that Social Media Managers have when dealing with their clients is the distorted levels of expectations about ROI (return on investment… of time and money) by the clients. Social Media is not an over night wonder pill. If only the merchants of Main Street USA could understand the statistics, orContinue reading “Social Media By the Numbers at Enterprise Center”

What Do You Write? What Is Your Passion?

“If I don’t dance one day, I notice it. If I don’t dance two days in a row, my audience notices it. If I don’t dance three days in a row, I should get another job.” Famous dancer Fred Astaire lived by that motto. Now replace where you see dance with write. And by noContinue reading “What Do You Write? What Is Your Passion?”

Small Biz Growth– With a Little Help from Friends in the Marketplace

Small businesses in small towns across America are fighting for survival. But, getting to know the people and small businesses of Wabash Indiana, winner of the Small Business Revolution’s Main Street $500,000 Makeover has been a heartwarming journey, filled with hope and promise when all players in the marketplace come together. For this makeover, AmandaContinue reading “Small Biz Growth– With a Little Help from Friends in the Marketplace”

The Front Porch of Life- Living and Doing Business in Small Towns

“Too often we forget about the 120-million Americans building their homes, their businesses, and their lives in small towns far from the limelight” — not my words but those of successful entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavic reflecting on the plight of small towns and small businesses decaying away. And that is unfortunate becauseContinue reading “The Front Porch of Life- Living and Doing Business in Small Towns”

Growth of Women-Owned Biz Helps Community

Women-owned businesses are vibrant, rooted in local communities — and expanding! According to the American City Business Journals (ACBJ), these operations are projected to account for nearly 40% of all U.S. businesses by 2017. What is fueling the rapid growth and what does it all mean for the local community? The ACBJ surveyed a nationalContinue reading “Growth of Women-Owned Biz Helps Community”