Monday, Monday — And All Those E-mails

Had a nice weekend? Didn’t look once at your small business e-mails? Now it’s Monday and you dread the minefield of unwanted communique’s that have been dropped into your small business account? You need to address real customer issues. Here’s a quick way to identify and neutralize: use your e-mail’s search option to unsubscribe! CourtesyContinue reading “Monday, Monday — And All Those E-mails”

Selecting a Content Writer for Your Small Biz Blog

If you don’t have the time or skill to write a twice weekly or even weekly blog to entertain & inform the customers who make use of your small business products or services, then you should find the time to select someone who does. There are at least seven steps involved. As I have saidContinue reading “Selecting a Content Writer for Your Small Biz Blog”

Do You Know What “Social Care” Is?

Social care, simply put, is the combined efforts employers & employees make through social media to care for customers. I would venture to say many small businesses do not practice it. And as such, most of them let opportunities to attract, engage and convert slip by. HootSuite had an insightful article by Dara Fontein, HowContinue reading “Do You Know What “Social Care” Is?”

Small Biz Set to Deliver Valentine Love to Customers

How do you service & entice customers to visit your small business during a slow Winter month? By giving them some “Valentine love.” Salem’s So Sweet Chocolate & Ice Sculpture Festival is a Feb.5-7th Valentine’s Day-themed promotion that offers “a decadent tradition of delectable chocolate, sparkling ice sculptures, and Valentine’s Day shopping” which has beenContinue reading “Small Biz Set to Deliver Valentine Love to Customers”

Small Biz 2016 Resolution: Improving Customer Communications

“As 2015 comes to a close, small businesses look to 2016 as a new year for growth and opportunity. Budgets and plans are in the process of being finalized. Communicating and connecting with customers are paramount. And small businesses should always be looking for ways to improve those lines of communications and customer service.” Wow!Continue reading “Small Biz 2016 Resolution: Improving Customer Communications”

Be Creative with Your Holiday Giving — Help Salem Area Teens

It is more blessed to give than to receive. With that as a starting point, there are many creative ways for small businesses to make holiday giving more impacting on people’s lives – especially and most importantly for teenagers. Consider assisting in the work of the Salvation Army Of The North Shore if your businessContinue reading “Be Creative with Your Holiday Giving — Help Salem Area Teens”

Business Plan Competition & Intro Session

Planning to start a small business? Take every bit of advice you can get — you don’t have to use it — just have it all standing by as resource material. And a great place for resource material is an Enterprise Center. Does your community have one? We do in Essex County, MA at SalemContinue reading “Business Plan Competition & Intro Session”

Making Small Business Saturday Work For You

Just hanging a sign in front of your store, announcing to the world that you are a small business, will not automatically encourage a flock of shoppers to swarm your shelves and counters this weekend on Small Business Saturday. But it will let customers know that you are part of a movement that is lookingContinue reading “Making Small Business Saturday Work For You”

Millennials Said They’d Rather Do What Than Call Your Customer Service Dept.?

Millennials would rather get their teeth cleaned than call a customer service line. So says Rachel Burger in her Customer article Don’t Talk, Chat: 4 Ways to Tailor Your Customer Service to Millennials. (CustomerThink is a “global online community of business leaders striving to create profitable customer-centric enterprises.”) There are 80 million millennials inContinue reading “Millennials Said They’d Rather Do What Than Call Your Customer Service Dept.?”