Sinclair Station Strategy Sinks Sale

Alleging that Sinclair Broadcasting had “failed to make sufficient efforts” for a $3.9 billion transaction to be approved by government regulators, Tribune Media has pulled the plug on a much-publicized “deal.” In play were 42 major-market TV stations that Sinclair would have added to its over 170 small and mid-market broadcast outlets. This would haveContinue reading “Sinclair Station Strategy Sinks Sale”

Trump Tweet Tells Tale

Sunday, August 5th, 2018 began fairly much the same as any other Sunday, post-2016 Presidential Election. President Donald Trump was spewing forth poorly written, poorly thought out tweets. And then came this. Contradicting sworn testimony that the meeting had been about anything and everything but digging up dirt on Hilary Clinton, this tweet seems toContinue reading “Trump Tweet Tells Tale”

In Trump We Don’t Trust

Irresponsibly inciting the public to violence by accusing the press of being “the enemy of the people,” Donald Trump continues to escalate his attack on the Freedoms of Speech and of the Press. This administration like no other I’ve known– including the Nixon years– has sought to divide this country and undermine the trust peopleContinue reading “In Trump We Don’t Trust”

Daily Social Media Content Experiment- So Far So Good!

What am I doing here? What message do I want to express? Not questions for you. They are for me. Two answers. I want to share breaking information with Social Media Managers and Small Business Owners who do their own social media marketing. And I want to get across to these people that I amContinue reading “Daily Social Media Content Experiment- So Far So Good!”

Trump “Zero Policy” Separation of Children Condemned by Republicans and Religious Groups

Father’s Day 2018 will hopefully be long remembered as the moment when men and women of many faiths put aside differences, and turned to President Donald J. Trump demanding, “No More!” Franklin Graham, Kellyanne Conway, Laura Bush, the United Methodist Church and Catholic Bishops all condemned Trump “Zero Policy” Separation and Abuse of Children. EvenContinue reading “Trump “Zero Policy” Separation of Children Condemned by Republicans and Religious Groups”

Net Neutrality Debate Now Tainted by Scandal

Net Neutrality is an important concept that internet providers such as AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon should not be awarded stranglehold power over what we see and post online. The internet belongs to all of us, social media managers, virtual assistants, content writers, everyone who posts or consumes content. In 2015, internet freedom groups and 3.7Continue reading “Net Neutrality Debate Now Tainted by Scandal”

Intent to Intimidate – Why the World is Watching

By writing this blog, I could be self-attaching a target on my back. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press are under siege in America. Make no mistake. It is “fake news” if you believe otherwise. Paranoia, or déjà vu? Felt it during the Nixon regime. War of words with the press. And howContinue reading “Intent to Intimidate – Why the World is Watching”