Millennials Said They’d Rather Do What Than Call Your Customer Service Dept.?

Millennials would rather get their teeth cleaned than call a customer service line. So says Rachel Burger in her Customer article Don’t Talk, Chat: 4 Ways to Tailor Your Customer Service to Millennials. (CustomerThink is a “global online community of business leaders striving to create profitable customer-centric enterprises.”) There are 80 million millennials inContinue reading “Millennials Said They’d Rather Do What Than Call Your Customer Service Dept.?”

Company Social Media Response Times to Customers are Unsocial

FORTY-THREE days for a Facebook response. FIFTY-ONE days for a Twitter response. Granted, these statistics are from the “slowest” companies represented in an Eptica poll, but would you buy products from a small business that displayed anywhere near this level of ambivalence toward its customers? Shep Hyken doesn’t think so. Neither do I. Neither shouldContinue reading “Company Social Media Response Times to Customers are Unsocial”

Holiday Giving, How Small Biz Can Contribute

Businesses may not have “hearts” but owners, managers & staff do, and as we approach Thanksgiving, Kwanza, Fesivus, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc. in the Salem, Beverly, Danvers, Peabody area “giving” back to those in need should become an integral part of any small business plan for the community. The people to benefit are your current andContinue reading “Holiday Giving, How Small Biz Can Contribute”

Where to Focus Your Small Biz Social Media Buzz

Social media is not comprised of one size fits all platforms. The platforms serve different functions. They show different sides of businesses. They appeal to different sexes and ages. If you’ve relinquished social control to a staff member whose “social business experience” is that he/she has an Instagram or Facebook account, those facts may notContinue reading “Where to Focus Your Small Biz Social Media Buzz”

How to Use a USA Today Survey to Benefit Your Small Business

Being aware/involved with surveys that pertain to your home customer base is a powerful and inexpensive way to build community support. Community involvement is critical when you are a small business. You need to have local shoppers know you, support you and care about your business to have it succeed. But it’s a two-way street.Continue reading “How to Use a USA Today Survey to Benefit Your Small Business”

Creating a Transparent Small Business on Artists’ Row

Transparency in how you do business takes on a different meaning at Witch City Wicks where owner Liz Frazier lets you actually see how they make their candle products. Witch City Wicks is an independent and thriving small business based out of Salem, Massachusetts, “the Witch City” from which the name is derived. Each candleContinue reading “Creating a Transparent Small Business on Artists’ Row”

Small Biz Owners Benefit from Volunteers

Can volunteers who are neither in your store nor under your supervision bring you business? Yes, they can. When visitors come to Salem MA in October for our month-long Haunted Happenings celebration of Halloween, they do so armed not only with a printed map and an on-line set of references on cell phone or tablet,Continue reading “Small Biz Owners Benefit from Volunteers”

Anime Comes Alive at Flying Saucer Restaurant as it Partners with Harrison’s Comics

“I firmly believe the key to success as a small business in a close-knit community such as Salem is open and friendly partnership, not competition. Including Harrison’s Comics in our Anime Week promotion adds value to the consumer experience – we can offer more together than separately.” So explains Nicole Spirito, General Manager of FlyingContinue reading “Anime Comes Alive at Flying Saucer Restaurant as it Partners with Harrison’s Comics”

Technology Giveth & Taketh Away

Gmail’s “undo send” button just got electronic sand kicked in its face with the arrival of Dmail— this is a new Google Chrome plugin, which puts real power in the hands of the sender with complete control over how long the recipient can view the email. Ananya Bhattacharya writing in 7/24/15 edition of CNNMoney explainsContinue reading “Technology Giveth & Taketh Away”