AMS Social Value Solutions - for Social Media Managers and Small Business Owners on Main Street, USA

When you operate a small to medium business in the 21st century, you need to be on Social Media. That’s where your customers are, and they ARE talking about you.


Attract, Share, Engage, Understand, Convert – Customer Service the Write Way

Let’s face the facts. If customers aren’t pulling products off your shelves, or demanding another drink from wait staff, or stuffing their shopping cart on your website, then your small business is not rolling in revenue.

The new buzz phrase these days is “use social media to get customers” but you have neither the time to learn the platforms nor time to do them on a consistent enough basis to make them work effectively. You are too busy running your business.

Enter AMS Social Value Solutions.

icon blog 1Sure you could go the big agency/big fee route with a complex marketing plan that juggles a dozen social platforms to the extent that you have no idea what is being said by you and about you at any given time.

AMS SVS  streamlines the process. Words (within blogs, tweets and posts) are the vital customer engagement tools to bridge the gap between the wants of a small business to grow and the needs of its customers to be satisfied.

Through words you attract potential customers. Through sentences you share information with them. Through paragraphs you engage them in conversation. Through the content of a blog, tweet or post you let them know you understand their needs.

And in the end, you convert strangers into customers and existing customers into brand ambassadors. Not by shouting about sales, but by delivering content that makes their lives better. Not by pushing a product’s features but by sharing its benefits.

That is what AMS SVS does. And it can do it for you.

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