Anthony M. Scialis- ✍🏼 Content Writer - Pets, Pizza, & People

For fun, I write about comfort pastimes of pets, pizza, & people. For #smallbiz, I write what you need.

Why Hire Me?

Take Charge. Be Smart. Use Your Blog Content to Increase Website Traffic and Attract More Customers

With minimal investment of time and money on your part… 

… I write engaging weekly blogs for your website. Next, I offer a 5-STAR service where each blog’s content is repurposed into 5 other formats. Then these link back to your blog and your website. 

At no extra charge

That’s my value to you. That’s why you hire me!

Blog content production is not the end of your marketing package. 🤔 Blogs should be the launch point for a 5-Star content distribution strategy! 

Let me break this down the way reporters assemble a news story. 

WHO: I am Anthony M. Scialis. Tap into my more than 40 years of experience as a reporter, editor, freelance community writer, and publicist. I will generate creative content to raise your profile.

WHAT: Blogs on any topic, well-written and engaging. I especially like to write about comfort themes such as pets and pizza.

WHEN: Weekly.

WHERE: Your website.

HOW: Value-added, I repurpose blog content for use on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, newsletter, and press releases.

WHY: To increase visibility of your message. To position you as an expert in your field.

Good enough reasons as to why you should hire me? Interested in discussing this content distribution strategy? Contact me.

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