Finding Business Tips in the Movies

If life imitates art, what can the small business entrepreneur learn from a Hollywood movie? Jacek Grebski, Co-founder and Partner of SWARM, Digital Agency selected 18 movies for an article in Entrepreneur on line that he thought had something to say to this issue. Not all are what you would think of as “business” movies.Continue reading “Finding Business Tips in the Movies”

Boomers and Small Business Go Together

Would you be surprised to learn that the numbers of older men & women are on the rise in establishing new small businesses? They are, according to a study called The Kauffman Index: Startup Activity 2015 Trends. The Kauffman Index: Startup Activity tracks new business creation in the USA. With an interesting approach of notContinue reading “Boomers and Small Business Go Together”

Business Plan Competition & Intro Session

Planning to start a small business? Take every bit of advice you can get — you don’t have to use it — just have it all standing by as resource material. And a great place for resource material is an Enterprise Center. Does your community have one? We do in Essex County, MA at SalemContinue reading “Business Plan Competition & Intro Session”

Reporter’s Notebook: Evolving State of Journalism

Repeatedly I’ve put forth that the “traditional media” is on its last legs— and that you boys/girls and men/women represent the future of journalism. And just what does that future hold if you want to actually earn a living as a writer? The diminishing opportunities for newspaper reporters have been much in the news. ContentContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Evolving State of Journalism”