Social Media Slice for Tuesday, July 10

Pinterest has strong reach. Timehop has data breach. Those and other stories in today’s’ edition. SLICE is a M-F news digest targeted to assist Social Media Managers and Small Business Owners doing their own marketing. MAIN SLICE Pinterest. Can your client make $$ off it? Three influencers say yes you can. But you need toContinue reading “Social Media Slice for Tuesday, July 10”

Small Business Saturday, You Got This

Total reported spending reached an estimated $15.4 billion at independent retailers and restaurants for 2016’s version of Small Business Saturday. Woohoo!!! What will Nov. 24, 2017’s edition reveal as consumers are once again urged to shop small and visit the “mom & pop” locally-owned stores on Main Street USA? That is up to you. WillContinue reading “Small Business Saturday, You Got This”

Showing Some Respect for Virtual Assistants

Absence {distance} makes the heart grow fonder— except apparently in the case of Virtual Assistants from what I read in one social media group’s postings recently. Out of sight and out of mind. Check this out for yourself and tell me if Virtual Assistants in this thread are being treated less like fellow entrepreneurs andContinue reading “Showing Some Respect for Virtual Assistants”

Social Media Gone Wrong Kills Small Business

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Case in point, the new found “voice” of the people, using the power of social media to make their disapproval as “customers” powerfully effective by destroying an innocent woman’s life. Over the Oct. 14-16 weekend a firestorm was ignited on Facebook when the daughter of coffee shop ownerContinue reading “Social Media Gone Wrong Kills Small Business”

Pet Project by Small Businesses Fosters Community Engagement

Nearly a dozen, local, pet-related small businesses and organizations answered the call to mount an interactive customer engagement promotion recently in Salem Ma. Rather than be blindly competitive to serve their own needs, they joined together to support a community event to entertain customers. “Howl-o-ween” was a pet parade and pet costume contest that drewContinue reading “Pet Project by Small Businesses Fosters Community Engagement”

6 Social Media Customer Engagement Guidelines Small Biz Should Follow

Remember in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie when they talked about the “Pirates Code” being more like guidelines than rules? We have something similar in the Social Media world. There are some things that through trial and error we’ve learned you shouldn’t do— unless you want to drive away customers, followers, readers, etc. NotContinue reading “6 Social Media Customer Engagement Guidelines Small Biz Should Follow”

Email vs Face-to-Face. And the Winner Is…

Community involvement by small business merchants is a service I feel very strongly can be used to attract customers and then convert them into being brand ambassadors. Fund-raisers are a prime example. Your store helps promote the bowl-a-thon for the local kids’ club. Parents then support you back with their patronage and positive word ofContinue reading “Email vs Face-to-Face. And the Winner Is…”

Mother’s Day, What’s an Entrepreneur to Do?

Americans will be spending more than $23 billion on Mother’s Day! That’s 10% more than was reportedly spent in 2016! This data is from Speaking to the Social Media Manager entrepreneurs in my target market, that dollar figure lends itself to a significant number of options for your clients to market services and productsContinue reading “Mother’s Day, What’s an Entrepreneur to Do?”

17 Visions of Tomorrow’s Social Media Landscape

How can we possibly predict what the future will look like, so we can better prepare today for the realities of tomorrow? That is the question asked by Peter Kozodoy in a recent piece for Inc. Magazine. But it is an every day question posed by Social Media Managers, what with regular Facebook adjustments beingContinue reading “17 Visions of Tomorrow’s Social Media Landscape”

Beyond the Front Door, Working with Competitors to Benefit Community

Dynamic partnerships await small business merchants (and their Social Media Managers) who venture beyond their front door and reach out to fellow merchants, be they competitors or not. Usually the driving force is not profit but to do something beneficial for the community. For in displaying a genuine give a damn attitude about their customers,Continue reading “Beyond the Front Door, Working with Competitors to Benefit Community”