Net Neutrality Debate Now Tainted by Scandal

Net Neutrality is an important concept that internet providers such as AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon should not be awarded stranglehold power over what we see and post online. The internet belongs to all of us, social media managers, virtual assistants, content writers, everyone who posts or consumes content. In 2015, internet freedom groups and 3.7Continue reading “Net Neutrality Debate Now Tainted by Scandal”

Has Big Brother Arrived at a TV Set in Your Home?

Expecting to enjoy a pleasant Easter Sunday meal with family later in the day, I was served a gut-wrenching, distasteful appetizer of things to come when I checked my Twitter account this morning and found the now well-publicized Sinclair promo story. At the outset, let me say I am politically an independent. Been so sinceContinue reading “Has Big Brother Arrived at a TV Set in Your Home?”