Social Media Slice for Thursday, July 12, 2018


From Shopping Bags to scooters, to RDPs and the Dark Web, we have it covered today. SLICE is a M-F news digest targeted to assist Social Media Managers and Small Business Owners doing their own marketing.


Marketing your client’s products just became a bit easier on Instagram. It is expanding Shopping Bag icon access for Stories to all brands! Clicking a small shopping bag icon on a specific product within an image lets users view more product info such as item description, pricing or links to the brand’s website. Easier than a funnel? More


Rental scooters. Be on the look out for startup companies in big cities near you. Could be potential clients who need someone with social media skills and local contacts to spread the word. And improve municipal relations. More



$10. That is all it takes for a hacker to infiltrate SMB online business activities. Remote Desktop Protocols are being sold on the Dark Web. RDPs are designed to let “authorized users” conveniently access another computer system remotely. Here are steps to protect your client. More


Flying to China soon? Marriott hotel chain is testing facial recognition technology in its check-in process at two separate hotels in Hangzhou and Sanya. Should speed up the process. But are you giving up privacy boundaries? More

And… if you are looking for a marketing promotion for your small business today: National Simplicity Day and Wild About Wildlife Month.


Social Media Slice for Thursday, July 5, 2018


FACEBOOK revenue without ad spend and using INSTAGRAM stories to drive traffic to opt-in forms featured today. SLICE is a M-F news digest targeted to assist Social Media Managers and Small Business Owners doing their own marketing.


Slice Facebook image

Generating revenue for your small business client — or your self– on FACEBOOK without any ad spend. Interesting article from Entrepreneur magazine. More…


Which Disney princess are you? Doesn’t matter. You have been violated if you took the quiz on Facebook. Again another data leak. More…


Thanks to @UKStylee


INSTAGRAM stories are not only visually entertaining & informative ways to engage with customers but also to “convert viewers into leads.” Here is step-by-step plan to drive traffic to your opt-in form using Instagram Stories. More…


Legroom on airlines. Have you felt it declining? You are correct. But it is something the FAA does not wish to regulate. More…

And… if you are looking for a marketing promotion for your small business today: #NationalBikiniDay and #NationalWokaholicsDay

Do You Know What “Social Care” Is?


Social care, simply put, is the combined efforts employers & employees make through social media to care for customers. I would venture to say many small businesses do not practice it. And as such, most of them let opportunities to attract, engage and convert slip by.

social careHootSuite had an insightful article by Dara Fontein, How to Deliver Exceptional Social Media Customer Service  filled with very interesting facts and suggestions relating to social care.

  • 51 percent of consumers said they would give up on a purchase after trying to reach customer service only once. In other words, customer service has become a no phone zone
  • On average, consumers only tell 9 people about a good experience, but they will tell 16 about a negative one. Ouch!
  • And, this is a wake up & smell the coffee item: 50 % of consumers now use social media when seeking/expecting an actual response from a company about a service issue.

Fontein writes “Social care is not only being used by young digital natives, but is consistently utilized across all ages, languages, genders, and income levels.”

So, whether you are on social media or not, customers are and they are talking about you. Social care is a way of measuring how well you are listening and how quickly you are responding to them.

To that end Fontein includes a very informative instructional video on how to monitor multiple search streams involving your brand on HootSuite.

Easy to do you say, for a big operation able to hire a social media team, but what if you are a small business like the one mentioned in a reader comment:

“How would you best manage responding in a timely manner if you don’t have the resources to do so? Many businesses seem to be a 1 person operation.”

My response is that there are social media strategists (gurus, wizards, etc, etc) who provide affordable free lance service, operating in niche areas. For example, as a writer I can contribute with blogs & Twitter engagement. My friend John is a photographer and could assist with Pinterest & Instagram.

As a small business owner you can design & develop your social care plan with such affordable free lance input. Select the social media platforms in which you feel comfortable to handle, and delegate the others.

Learn how to listen; determine when to join the conversations and when not to. It will show that your small business is social and that you care about customers.

(Anthony M. Scialis is a social media strategist focusing on blogging & tweeting as a two-step customer service effort in bridging the gap between the wants of your small business to grow and the needs of your customers to be satisfied. Follow

Where to Focus Your Small Biz Social Media Buzz


Social media is not comprised of one size fits all platforms. The platforms serve different functions. They show different sides of businesses. They appeal to different sexes and ages. If you’ve relinquished social control to a staff member whose “social business experience” is that he/she has an Instagram or Facebook account, those facts may not be known.

Perhaps that’s why the platform your small biz is using has not been delivering results, that is increased sales, followers and communication? Could be.

Let me share with you an article Hootsuite offered up; it’s a travelogue to walk you down the ins and outs of how Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc. affect and are affected by different industries.

By no means are all covered. For example, the restaurant industry— one of the most prominent here in Salem— isn’t highlicon blog 1ighted. The article should really have delved into that area because unlike most other businesses, this service industry also has to deal with review sites— of which you usually have no control on the content.

(If you were asking me, I would say because an eating establishment is visual, go with both Instagram & Pinterest— but don’t neglect word of mouth that can be generated by Twitter and blogs, which can also deflect the occasional negative review on consumer opinion sites.)

Author Evan LePage suggests the following symbiotic relationships (you’ll need to read the article for the supporting reasons):

  • Retailers go with Instagram
  • Manufacturers go with YouTube
  • Media go with SnapChat
  • Government agencies go with Instagram
  • Technology go with whatever comes next (think about it, if you’re a tech company you should be on whatever is hot— or even before so— to prove how cutting edge you are).

What about Realtors, amusement attractions, tourism outlets and social organizations, all of which have a strong presence in the Salem business mix? Well, what do you think would not only showcase those businesses yet also allow for the all-important communication with customers?

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