Salem Businesses Looking to Attract Local Workers for Retail & Hospitality Job Fair

Have you visited Salem Ma and ever thought you would like to work and live in the area? I did. Eventually, I made the move a decade ago. What’s stopping you? A job? Salem is a service-oriented community and if your interests or skills are aligned towards a retail & hospitality job, have I gotContinue reading “Salem Businesses Looking to Attract Local Workers for Retail & Hospitality Job Fair”

The Front Porch of Life- Living and Doing Business in Small Towns

“Too often we forget about the 120-million Americans building their homes, their businesses, and their lives in small towns far from the limelight” — not my words but those of successful entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor Robert Herjavic reflecting on the plight of small towns and small businesses decaying away. And that is unfortunate becauseContinue reading “The Front Porch of Life- Living and Doing Business in Small Towns”

Business Plan Competition & Intro Session

Planning to start a small business? Take every bit of advice you can get — you don’t have to use it — just have it all standing by as resource material. And a great place for resource material is an Enterprise Center. Does your community have one? We do in Essex County, MA at SalemContinue reading “Business Plan Competition & Intro Session”

Can You Wear Sweatpants to a Job Interview?

Does the question need to be asked? Apparently sweatpants at interviews is a topic. While I have been writing blogs and tweets for others over the past six months, this blog has been dormant as I dealt with multiple family & work situations at once. Something had to be sacrificed. Now in preparing to startContinue reading “Can You Wear Sweatpants to a Job Interview?”

Reporter’s Notebook: If The Job Offer Letter Is Poorly Written…

Recently I moved and needed to update my resume on LinkedIn,, and all the job boards. Shortly afterwards, this item of questionable origin barged its way into my email. Submitted for your edification, observe how you feel as you go through the email; gauge how the typos and grammatical errors make you neither trustContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: If The Job Offer Letter Is Poorly Written…”

Reporter’s Notebook: Evolving State of Journalism

Repeatedly I’ve put forth that the “traditional media” is on its last legs— and that you boys/girls and men/women represent the future of journalism. And just what does that future hold if you want to actually earn a living as a writer? The diminishing opportunities for newspaper reporters have been much in the news. ContentContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Evolving State of Journalism”