Trump Tweet Tells Tale

Sunday, August 5th, 2018 began fairly much the same as any other Sunday, post-2016 Presidential Election. President Donald Trump was spewing forth poorly written, poorly thought out tweets. And then came this. Contradicting sworn testimony that the meeting had been about anything and everything but digging up dirt on Hilary Clinton, this tweet seems toContinue reading “Trump Tweet Tells Tale”

Intent to Intimidate – Why the World is Watching

By writing this blog, I could be self-attaching a target on my back. Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press are under siege in America. Make no mistake. It is “fake news” if you believe otherwise. Paranoia, or déjà vu? Felt it during the Nixon regime. War of words with the press. And howContinue reading “Intent to Intimidate – Why the World is Watching”

Directing Customer Traffic on Your Small Business Social Media Highway

CARE, which stands for Customers Are Really Everything was an an employee training program I went through early on in my career. It was likened to an auto manual in how we were to treat customers, the force which drove our business. Later, there was a newer model defining customers as both external, being theContinue reading “Directing Customer Traffic on Your Small Business Social Media Highway”

Reporter’s Notebook: Oxford Needs You!

You may never get to Oxford, but Oxford can come to you! “To commemorate the centenary of the start of the First World War (1914–18), the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) is revising a set of vocabulary related to or coined during the war. Part of the revision process involves searching for earlier or additional evidence,Continue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Oxford Needs You!”

Reporter’s Notebook: Intro Paragraph, Set Your Hook

Introductory paragraphs can be like a fishing trip: full of information, but if you pack the wrong hooks and lures, the rest of the trip will be a disaster. Jeff Bullas recently outlined three of many literary devices to enhance the enticement and engagement levels of your first paragraph. Give it a read. My thoughtsContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Intro Paragraph, Set Your Hook”

Reporter’s Notebook: Can You Spell Misspell?

Off the top of your head… which are spelled correctly and which are not? 1- seperate 2- definitely 3- calender 4- misspell 5- privlege 6- argument 7- consensus 8- pronounciation 9- accommodate Maeve Maddox contributed some thoughts on these words to a recent Daily Writing Tips article: “For whatever reason – overconfidence or sloth –Continue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Can You Spell Misspell?”

Reporter’s Notebook: Why Men Watch Football

What is it that excites men about football? What’s the big attraction? Why is it that some men will sit down for three, six, or even nine hours in front of a TV set when football is on, yet they won’t sit still for more than 15 minutes for anything else when they’re home? ThoseContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Why Men Watch Football”

Reporter’s Notebook: Picture This, Social Media Sizing Tips

There are two kinds of writers I recently told my friend John Andrews of Social Palates Photography. There are those like me that use many words to write a story, peppered with one picture. Then there are writers like him who use pictures to tell a story, and they sweeten it with a few words.Continue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Picture This, Social Media Sizing Tips”

Reporter’s Notebook: Beware the Blog Killer, Copyright Infringement

Protect yourself and respect the rights of other artists. — Roni Loren Spend hours on your blog? Do you use simple, compound or complex sentence structure? Check your facts twice? Streamline the pace by eliminating some “that” and “the” repetitions? And get sued because you grabbed a picture off the internet. “How using Google ImagesContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Beware the Blog Killer, Copyright Infringement”

Reporter’s Notebook: Media Message Misrepresents Women

How Far We Haven’t Come: All of the Terrible Ways the Media Treated Women in 2013 in One Video is a headline from Time magazine that describes failure. Embarrassing failure displayed by or on the media. There are positive items on this video, but they are far outweighed by the negative. No doubt you canContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Media Message Misrepresents Women”