Social Media Slice for Monday, July 9, 2018


In today’s issue, we look at work arounds for negative reviews, as well as the variations of “opt in” and “not opt out” in Dark Pattern Design. SLICE is a M-F news digest targeted to assist Social Media Managers and Small Business Owners doing their own marketing.



Reviews can significantly affect your client’s revenue flow. Trying to remove biased negative ones from review sites like Yelp are a tough sell as evidenced by an unsuccessful court case where an “aggrieved law firm tried to force it to remove negative posts.” If a law firm lost its case, what can you do? More


Hopefully none of your clients have been engaging in Dark Pattern Design. If so, take note that consumers are beginning to fight back against deceptive practices. More




Plain text websites not needing hosting (nor a SMM to create them) are in the news. As this TechRepublic article explains they “are portable and private, existing only as a URL, and could be an inexpensive option for SMB website creation.” More


Sweatlag is here. Bound to happen. A jet lag recovery workout. Created by Delta Airlines and Equinox. Four workout videos are available on Delta’s YouTube Channel. More

And… if you are looking for a timely marketing promotion for your small business: July is National Independent Retailer Month and today is National Sugar Cookie Day. 


Daily Social Media Content Experiment- So Far So Good!


icon blog 1What am I doing here? What message do I want to express? Not questions for you. They are for me. Two answers. I want to share breaking information with Social Media Managers and Small Business Owners who do their own social media marketing. And I want to get across to these people that I am available to write blogs.

To that end, I have decided to absorb content from a newsletter I had been generating over the past year. Social Media SLICE (SoMe Slice) will now be a M-F blog/summary of useful news items with links to full fledged stories by top publication and websites.  Then, I plan to fill the weekend with blogs, thus producing a daily presence.

Can I find interesting and informative content to share daily? You be the judge.

Having generated news & features for over 100 print, broadcast and online outlets over the past 40 years, I am skilled at content curation (we used to call it research) and posting organic content (we used to call it writing).

And on that subject of posting content, let me say that I plan to focus on news & tips in the social media world. But I have two hot button issues that I will divert to: abuse of children by people in power, Republicans or Democrats; assaults on the Freedom of the Press by Republicans or Democrats. Sadly, both issues are greatly in the news.

Big Thank You to You

I want to thank the people who have either “liked” my efforts or who have given full vote of confidence and “signed up” over the past week. I know this is more of a Twitter thing to thank followers, but I am trying to make a point. Looks like I may be on to something.

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Appreciate your interest & response. On with the experiment.