Why Use Video for a Small Business Account


Social Media is a visual medium. Yes, we fill it with words. But pictures, graphics and videos can capture your customer’s attention and drive them to your words on Facebook and website.

Don’t believe me? This is data from “31 Must Know Video Marketing Stats” article that appeared in a recent Social Media Today posting.

Video statsI think the numbers speak for themselves. You can see the entire Infographic on the linked website page.

If you’re handling social media in-house for your small business, not only is quality writing a concern as I have stated in previous blogs, but equally of value is a serious concentration on visuals that connect with where your customer “is” or “will be” when you wish to reach out.

According to the stats, 22% of US Small Biz plan to post a video in the next 12 months. Will you be watching your competition?

( Anthony M. Scialis is an experienced print & broadcast writer who coordinates blog, Twitter & Facebook social media content to create a focused & powerful customer engagement effort which will bridge the gap between the wants of your small business to grow and the needs of your customers to be satisfied. Follow https://twitter.com/amssvs)


Reporter’s Notebook: Coca Cola, India and Pakistan— Good Formula


Coca Cola is not my poison. Frankly, Coke was way down my list behind Dr. Pepper, Cream Soda, Root Beer and Pepsi (not that I drank much of those but when you go out to eat, sometimes you have to adapt to the beverage menu). That said, this blog content is not product placement. This is pushing a product up on a pedestal.

Yes, what you will see below is promoting their product. But it is promoting something else. Something greater than a quick buck. Trust me, it won’t kill you to sit through the first 45 seconds. You might even learn something.

The young boy and girl with their lives ahead of them, communicating with dance moves was charming. Later, the two elderly men in white, who have seen so much hate & devastation, reaching out to each other was touching.

Coke had a famous commercial depicting young people on a hillside saying “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.” Those were just words. This is action.