Inside Scoop: Passive Voice

As a way of saying thanks to those of you who follow or like or just regularly bounce in, I am going to experiment with a weekend feature. Many of you have blogs or write Facebook posts. And sometimes you struggle with spellings, grammar, and structure. Let me offer some tips. Thus, Inside Scoop. TheseContinue reading “Inside Scoop: Passive Voice”

Social Media By the Numbers at Enterprise Center

One of the major problems that Social Media Managers have when dealing with their clients is the distorted levels of expectations about ROI (return on investment… of time and money) by the clients. Social Media is not an over night wonder pill. If only the merchants of Main Street USA could understand the statistics, orContinue reading “Social Media By the Numbers at Enterprise Center”

Why Your Small Business Needs Blogs— And Me

B2C companies which feature blogs on their websites generate 88% more leads per month than those that do not. This is according to HubSpot, the world’s leading inbound marketing and sales platform. Let that settle in. Businesses which generate blogs about interesting things (along with their services or products) generate 88% more leads per monthContinue reading “Why Your Small Business Needs Blogs— And Me”

Business Plan Competition & Intro Session

Planning to start a small business? Take every bit of advice you can get — you don’t have to use it — just have it all standing by as resource material. And a great place for resource material is an Enterprise Center. Does your community have one? We do in Essex County, MA at SalemContinue reading “Business Plan Competition & Intro Session”

Reporter’s Notebook: Taking A Break to Say Thank You

If it works on Twitter, why not here. After all, good manners are universal. While I have thanked people who follow, RT, MT and favorite my twitter account, I have been negligent in thanking those who do the same for this blog. So….. Thank you: Geraldine liked post “Reporter’s Notebook: Can You Spell Misspell?” doncharismaContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Taking A Break to Say Thank You”

Reporter’s Notebook: To Grow As A Writer, You Must Write

“If I don’t dance one day, I notice it. If I don’t dance two days in a row, my audience notices it. If I don’t dance three days in a row, I should get another job.” – Fred Astaire. Replace the word “dance” with the word “write” and you uncover a driving force in myContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: To Grow As A Writer, You Must Write”

Reporter’s Notebook: 27,500 Is The Average- Where Do You Fit In?

“Words! Words! Words! I’m so sick of words! I get words all day through” sung by Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady If only she had an accounting of how many words she knew. Do you have any idea as to the extent of your vocabulary? As writers we should be aware of our resources,Continue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: 27,500 Is The Average- Where Do You Fit In?”

Reporter’s Notebook: Nothing is Absolutely Essential

Writing is a chore for some people; for others it is a diversion. And for still others, such as reporters, bloggers, scriptwriters and such, it is our life. We are sad when there’s nothing to write about, but then sit at the keyboard cursing when we get the words out and the story doesn’t flow.Continue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Nothing is Absolutely Essential”

Reporter’s Notebook: Bloggers Stop Whining, You ARE Reporters!

Face it, with the impending demise of print, bloggers are the new wave of columnists: reporters with opinions. You have a responsibility to check your facts, substantiate your opinions, and present it all in an understandable manner. Stop whining that you don’t have to do that. Far from wanting to be Patrolman Pat of theContinue reading “Reporter’s Notebook: Bloggers Stop Whining, You ARE Reporters!”