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Anthony is truly one of the best researchers in the business right now. When a high profile restaurant owner and client was demanding Yelp analytic reporting for his business to correlate a drop in sales with a similar decline in ratings I was at a loss for what to do. I put a call out to help in the research world and Anthony’s first result was I knew to be true that Yelp had done away with detailed analytic reporting for business owners to clearly see and track trends in ratings. Anthony had found a grayed out button on the site that housed all the information I desperately needed. I was able to gather the exact data the client needed, create a detailed report, and further cement my social media management relationship. If you need someone in the clutch look no further than this guy!


Anthony is an AMAZING copywriter! I almost don’t want to shout him out because I want to keep him all to myself!! He’s the person you can count on … tell him what you need & he will always surpass your expectations.


Anthony Scialis strikes the perfect balance of professionalism and warmth. His friendly demeanor shows that he really cares about the success of the small businesses that he works with. And you can’t beat his punctuality and attention to deadlines and details. If you need help creating engaging content and need someone who can be 100% guaranteed to deliver, then Anthony should be your first choice.

Annie Beth Donahue, founder of Signposts Ministries

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